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yuppie? id say 75% of teenagers hate school. i do but only sometimes, im smart, ( haha yea i know than why can't i spell worth jack shit?) public school, failed homeschool, failed i think my highest grade is a 23.7. ( i peeked.) so my mother wants to put me in a progam I-team. 

What is an I-Team
There are three I-Team programs in the Cherry Creek School District.  Each is an off-campus alternative program for students with special needs.  Those needs may be learning, behavioral or emotional issues that make it difficult to be successful in their home high school.  The I-Teams provide a small educational community for 11th and 12th graders, ages 16-21, with a low student: teacher ratio.  All students work closely with a case manager, who oversees their IEP, graduation credits, discipline issues and academic progress.   
 best part it would be at my grandparents for a half semester!

dreaming off into a differnt place.

12/29/2012 05:26

notice the title of this post is not "dreaming off into a better place" but i use the world differnt, i say differant because i don't know if it would really be better if i had everything i wanted, if i would be happy. maybe i should go back a little bit, so there is this guy ( who do all my stories start with that?) {i digress} lets call him A his real hole name way to long to type out nourmous times, just to prove how lazy i am i will go with him now. again ANYWAY his name is A and i am hopelessly he said i don't really know him but what i do know tells me he is a good caring passionate person, he is what he wants to be and donsn't give a flying fuck if peaple judge him. i like that. the problem is he is slightly older than be ( age is but a number) as he reminds me { age is but a number, rape is but a game, jail is but a room.} however not the biggest problem. if i were to stick a really long tube into the earth below me i would be semi-close to him. so how did we meet, this here is the bigest problem. Alex, my best friend was in love with him and he loved her. until she cheated they broke up and we talked we talked a lot when they were still together but now its an everyday day occorance, and i know he is falling for me and i am  also falling, but thats just it, im falling, down, the the ground. crash and burn they say. i dont know what to do e are so far away a wont talk to me about his feeling but i know they are there i talk to him enough to know that. i just dont know what to do.

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