Weight Loss.


    On saturday my mother and i started a new diet, the ketogenc diet. now before you pash it, look it up and relized it's not as bad as the USDA would like you to think, so starting with saturady may 5th 2013:

Day 1: I had eggs, bacon and sasuge for breakfast, lunch was a meal full of good stuff like a kale salad and pork chops breaded in flax seed ( with fiber you can bever be to careful, i prefer to not be constpated...) and dinner was a super foods smothie and a salad wrap ( ground beef, romaine lettuse as tace shell cheese and olives.)

Day 2: breakfast: bacon. Lunch: jennio-o turkey burger flax seed and pickles ( like celery pickley are free carbs, { free carbs mean the fiber cancles out the carb} Dinner: pork chops flax seed greens beens butter and baco bits. Snack: mayo canned chicken and pickled, its  goood snack and better lunch.. Alos an hour li=ong work out. its it EXTREMLY hard, also since the amount of water required it around 2-3 liters prepare to pee...A LOT!!! the workout is hard but you must work out to continue the weight loss and not get kidny stone since you are litterly peeing out you fat is stinks...and you don't want that sitting in you so drink water. 

Day 3:Super foods smothie for breakfast Lunch: hampurger patty with cheese, Dinner was the previously mentioned chicken salad. WITH an addational work out. 

Day 4: On the off chance you are a moe-ron and did not read this post all the way hrough before starting your diet, i suggest not folowing in my footsteps, as on this day of day 4 i got an extremly bloddy nose, were talking i bled 30 minutes. i highly suggest getting more potassium... Breakfast:WAlnut, almonds, gatorade. Lunch was my ( shocker) ham, patty w/ cheese and BOMB DOT COM sun flower seeds, at this point i wasn't craving carbs but the lack of bread, its a very salt lacking diet, there for honey roasted sun flower greatness was it my plan. Dinner: jello, whip cream, string cheese, hot dog. 

Day 5: ( today) almonds, bacon and walnuts. lunch was extremly hard... i was STARVING!!! i had 3 packs of my sun flower goodness 2 hamburger pattys and i snacked when i got home. for dinner i had jello with whip. as you can imagine, i went over on fats today, my carb intake at 5%  was balanced by the intense amount of fiber in this meal. does not mean i recomend it. 

WHAT I DO RECOMED: Drink as much water as you can, with out making your self sick of course. fiber, don't neglect. if you count you caleries ( i suggest you do) and you relized its unch time and you have gone over on something, fine a dinner that you will go over on fats before and i mean BEFORE carbs. as going over an carbs can take your body out of ketosis and you have to go through this misserable hell again. also did i mention fiber??? weight yourself every morning, to make sre you are in fact droping water weight and then fat, however only count the weight once a week ( i suggest after sunday workout) hoe scales are incredibly inacurate i sugest on the first day weifhing yourself 3 times, best 2 out of three, or keep doing it until you get the same number twice. anywho, whatever and more importantly where ever you weight, do it at the same time same place every time, i suggest before and after pictures, they can be mightly motivating. 

DAY 5 RESULTS: i have lost a total of 7 pounds, however since i am not equal everywhere i am losing inches like crazy, Today is day five and i had to go out a buy a belt, my pants are litterly falling off my ass, we wont mention the traumatization as i am in high school. it will the middle of the staircase, on passing peiord.  

Sypmtoms: i suggest powering through your workouts, 3 times a week. plently of water helps. when you get dizzy- a tiny amount of milk helps. stay awat from cardio, all your trying to do with workout is keep you muscels strong.