12/29/2012 05:39

yuppie? id say 75% of teenagers hate school. i do but only sometimes, im smart, ( haha yea i know than why can't i spell worth jack shit?) public school, failed homeschool, failed i think my highest grade is a 23.7. ( i peeked.) so my mother wants to put me in a progam I-team. 

What is an I-Team
There are three I-Team programs in the Cherry Creek School District.  Each is an off-campus alternative program for students with special needs.  Those needs may be learning, behavioral or emotional issues that make it difficult to be successful in their home high school.  The I-Teams provide a small educational community for 11th and 12th graders, ages 16-21, with a low student: teacher ratio.  All students work closely with a case manager, who oversees their IEP, graduation credits, discipline issues and academic progress.   
 best part it would be at my grandparents for a half semester!