10/09/2012 05:48

so nevermind that last post my mom didn't get the job so looks like im staying. and i don't want it to seem like i don't feel for my mom i do i love her more than anyone could ever know, but im kinda glad we dont have to go through all the moving chaos. well it's 6am and im going to my grandms today at 9 am. mikey is taking me so she is teaching me how to drive i have no idea how long i will be there but we shall see. im hoping that grandma will let me drive today. and not make we wait till later in the week. i also really want starbucks this morning i have been up all night so i have no other option ither mikey and i get drinks and breakfast or i go to starbucks. not that mikey and i wont get drinks anyway :P  well i have to shower but idk if im going to i might just shower when i get there. we shall see well i have to finish packing and if you knew me you would know im packing takes forever and i pack way too much ill take pictures and post them so you can see my issue. *yawn* i can't tell if mom is in the shower or if the heater is going or both. ill go see really dont want to miss out on my starbucks.