take it slow....dick!

09/09/2012 22:58

well there it was. together. me. him. us. i was happy he made me laugh and not a fake laugh at everything he said even if its not funny. but it was all of it i laughed, he smiled, we laughed, i had the time of my life but did he? My best friend alex says she knoes me well enough to know when i happy said stoned.ect. and she does i wondered why he did not kiss me i asked two people alex who said he is wanting to take it slow or he is a dick. being the eternal optmist im going with taking it slow. she says im clam with built up tension and a bit of depression. she is 100% accurate, while i may not have admit it to her she is right thats me to a T. but it makes me wonder why he just left. i mean it was perfect we had fun a great time..i did anyway. did he?