shit they call life.

08/14/2013 09:31

so i dont know if this is going to be something you guys can relate to...but here it goes.  ( sorry i havent been posting i only do it when im really pissed or depressed.)

so my last boyfriend, i would call him dickface to protect his identity but since i dont care if he lads on a kinfe in the balls...ethan broke up with me, and i say "broke up " lossely. acording to ethan we never even dated, nope. he just led me on and then decided he didn't want to talk to me anymore, i never though i was compulisve but this whole not having closure is thing is really fucking me up. and now their is this guy that i really like but im going to have to make the first move, and i just cant bring my self to kiss him, am i not ready? or am i just a chiken.