07/28/2012 02:37

im done. im pissed so my typing is fast and kind of unreadable. i will go back and try to fix it! sorry for any mistakes. 


im soo fucking done with all this bullshit im so done with pretending to be something im not. i dont give a shit if they think im i bitch. im done with wondering why they think i have an atidude problem there is nothing wrong with me or the way i live my life. but you know what if they thing there is something wrong with me. im going to give them a reason to think im a bitch! i will say it if i want to i will do it if i want to! I will be it if i want to. they dont belive in collage i will be the best thy have ever seen i will get i degree just because i can and its something i want! i will be who i want all this buillshit has stolen the biggest part of me my identity! im getting it back! its all me now and i dont care what you think or say i will not let this bullshit bring me down anymore! i will rise through the bullshit to quote duece "fuck their felling they can suck my dick!"