do you believe in magic?

09/06/2012 22:05

there are somethings that never stop changing. the earth, my hair color, and life. there are some others but these are the only ones i care about today. it all started changing for the worst for the better and for the worst, at this current time im not sure if its the worse or the better. but let me start at the start. so my mom and my dad got together 15 years ago....woah! to far. maybe when i got caught with drugs at school. yea that good. clearly that is the "worse" part i got suspented for 10 day it wasent bad thought i got high went home got yelled at went back and all's well ends well. ( lucky for me i picked a good week to fuck up we started reading shakespeare the 2 weeks i was out so i didnt have to read it.) then i met a guy his name ws lets call him jackass (trevor but i call him jackass) this is the "better" he made me feel good about myself and coming from someone that has never had a boyfriend this means nothing, but he did make me feel good. then i relized he was a jackass who liked me but was afraid to be with me. now i get not wanting to be with me i really do im not that great. but then we came to this location im not sure what to call it its not bad but im not sure if its good so let me tel lyou and you can decide for yourself. 

prince charming ( also not his real name but he is my prince charming.) came into my life and he is the greatest he thinks the sun shines out my fat ass and tells me in beeyouteafull smart and just the shit! but my mom got a job oppurtunity more money better benfits better job in whole. why is this not a "better" care that im sure of one little word just one word makes my whole life hell MARYLAND! yes the job is in Maryland and for thoes of you that dont know i live in colorado! thats 5 states away. my mom and i would move and my sister would finish this semester and then decide colorado? or maryland? ( in case your wondering she would stay with family unti lthe end of the semester and read my family post if you want to know how excited about that she is!!) { SPOILER ALERT not very!} anyway the first time in a long time im smiling! happy! full of excitment i dont regret the day before it begins when people ask me howi am its not a fake " fine thanks!" its a REAL "great and you?"  even my family know he is good for me. so have you decided? "better" or "worse" 


p.s. if your wondering  where "do you believe in magic?" came from its because i went from the lowest point of my life the highest so far. 

forever and always , Paige!