07/26/2012 02:24

so my friend smokes. im making her quit cause if i have to so does she and she makes it hard on me and having to quit. were going to utah augest 14-17 and she will be done with that shit by then. i will make sure of it. 


07/21/2012 23:01

family. we might love them...if they all died! i dont know about but you but i hate my family. and im not talking your classic well their family what are you gonna do now im talking slit their throut and feed their head to crocadials! my family is differerent. ex. my sisters gard party the first thing they say when they walk into the house "wow you decorated and my feet don't stick to the floor". then throught the whole damn aprty my sister the CENTER of the part is only talked to once, what did they say you ask....did you meet bill? i know bill was new and everything but come on! and the last thing we need to talk about is the creepy family resembalance between my aunt kari and her ex-husbands sister's youngest brother and the insest that im POSTIVE is taking place there. he is cool and everything but eww! anyway... my sisters day and they made it all about them i am half tempeted to not send out the thank you's tommorw. why should we. they wont care we are the un-social, my mom is the spawn of the devil corupting my sister and i, unmentioned, left out, side. they won't notice. they won't care. and as much as i won't to say i don't care i can't lie i hate them and i can't not care. i always hope they will change but NOPE! then family get-together we might well go to! they wonder why we don't go the family gatherings cause they suck thew life out of us! so incase its not noticable I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT MY MOTHERS SIDE OF THE DAMN FAMILY! 

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